FitClub Information

All training sessions at Burton Leander are managed using FitClub.

FitClub is a free to use website which allows the club’s coaches to plan sessions and allocate boats and other equipment to members, prior to their arrival. This allows us to spend more time out on the water.

All new members are expected to sign up to the website and advise their attendance to ensure efficient running of the sessions. 

  • Visit and register using an email address.
    • Parents of junior members should input their child’s name when registering so that coaches know which member is being registered.
      • If you have more than one child, you will need to use an additional email address for each child that you are registering on behalf of.
      • If your child has used their own email to set up an account, you can add yours to their profile in order to also receive any updates and communications sent through the site.
        • This can be found under ME, Profile, General.
  • Once registered, navigate to the CLUBS section and click on Join a Club.
    • In the search box type Burton Leander and click Join Club.
      • A request will be sent to a club admin for approval, and you should receive a confirmation email once accepted.

Following approval, you or your child will be allocated into the relevant training group which populates the calendar with weekly sessions.

  • Under the ME section, click on Availability.
    • This page shows all of the upcoming sessions, the time that they will take place, the activity and your current attendance mark.
      • Please select either Yes (Y), Maybe (M) or No (N) for each session.
      • Please advise your attendance for ALL sessions, even if you are unable to attend.
    • Alternatively you can click on either the Date or session Type and then View Detail.
      • This will open the session details which may contain important information such as when the session will lock.
    • When the session locks, attendance cannot be registered or amended.
    • Please plan in advance and register your attendance before the cut-off time.
  • Once registration for the session is closed, the club coaches / admins will collate the list of attendees and produce a ‘line up’ for the session which is sent out by email.
    • This includes information about the session, such as reminders to bring extra clothing for cold weather and assignments for boats / crews for water sessions.
    • Please endeavour to read this information before you attend.
  • If you have any problems using the site, signing up to sessions or other queries, please contact the Club Captain.
  • You can set up emails through the site to remind you to sign up to future sessions if you wish.
    • Navigate to ME and click on Profile and Notifications.
  • Under Calendar Notifications you can select the days and at which time you wish for the emails to be sent out.
  • Make sure you click on update to save the changes.
  • Some sessions may have limited capacity due to limited space or equipment. Signing up after the session is full will put you onto a waiting list, indicated by a W.
  • If a space becomes available, you will receive an email to confirm this change.

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