Go Row Indoor

Go Row Indoor

Go Row Indoor is a British Rowing initiative to get everyone rowing whether it is for fun, fitness or competition. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a rowing pro. Go Row indoor has something for you.

Why Go Row Indoor?

  • Anyone can do it. Suitable for all ages 18+
  • Total Body Workout. A fantastic cardiovascular workout. Every stroke uses 85% of your muscles covering nine major muscle groups.
  • Core Strength and flexibility. The rowing movement is great for core strength and flexibility.
  • Low Impact. A low impact activity that avoids damage to the joints. You are also in control of the intensity and speed. This makes it perfect for cross training, rehabilitation and good for those who are new to exercise.
  • Easy To Learn. Easy to learn the basics and you can improve every time you try it.
  • Variety and challenge. Join a rowing class, use an app to record your progress, download a new workout daily, enter a charity challenge, join a club, compete against the best, or just get active and feel great, indoor rowing has it all. 
What do we offer at Burton Leander?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced sculler we offer 8 week courses from beginner to intermediate to advanced. All our courses are based on British Rowing training plans and will take you from non-rower through to advanced indoor rowers. The sessions are typical broken down into segments with warm up, technical and either time or distance challenges.

Sessions take place each Monday night from 18:00 – 19:00. Cost for the 8 week course is  £40 payable in advance.

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